Really enjoyed working on this project!! Emanuel Casblanca is the REAL DEAL…check him out!!  Thanks to Phillip Smith for the review!!  I can’t believe I’m even mentioned in the same paragraph and these people:

BLOOD ON MY HANDS, the debut album from Brooklyn-based blues-rocker Emanuel Casablanca has quickly garnered my admiration. 

Casablanca’s all-in approach to music produces deep and personal songs.  That’s what makes his blues honest and real.  This album contains sixteen tracks of all-original material featuring an amazing arsenal of guests which include Eric Gales, Albert Castiglia, Paul Gilbert, Kat Riggins, Brother Dave, Felix Slim and Jimmy Carpenter.  

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Recently I worked with The Kelli Baker Band adding a Pedal Steel track to her new single “Blood on The Nile“.

This song is getting some great traction on Spotify landing a coveted spot on their “Blues Roots” playlist.  I posted a link to the song on YouTube for those of you that don’t have Spotify!!

Here’s a cool recording “The Penguin Twist” I am happy to be a part of.  It’s something different than what I usually work on.  It’s kind of a surf guitar riff….more of a rock guitar solo and in shreddy territory where I don’t usually go!!

The Penguin Twist
Mike Rocket

“Better World” written by Mike Rocket is another recent recording I have been working on for him.

Better World

Bushwick Blooze Band (Chas Rio, David Cornejo Alegre and myself) have released a new single, Roadtrip!!  And to add to how excited we are, we’re honored to have Junior Marvin as a guest on this recording and video. As you know, Junior played with the legendary Bob Marley and now continues with The Wailers. Roadtrip, an original written by Brother Dave and Chas Rio, tells the story of getting in a car and throwing caution to the wind….We know how that is going to end up!!

Waiting – A rockin’ original by Chas Rio and Brother Dave.
A soulful original by Chas Rio and Brother Dave, combining the best of Jazz and Blues in a declaration of love and admiration.

Yes Dear is an original composed by Chas Rio and Brother Dave which kind of summarizes how many men find marital bliss. This version features special guest Danny Draher on guitar and Hammond wizard Lonnie Gasperini

Bakin’ Blues – A pondering philosophically original by Brother Dave and Chas Rio.


Book of the Month Club – Evil Dog (Ft. Chanese Elife) (Official Music Video)

Featuring Brother Dave on Guitar

The Lions Share and My Girl, From the CD “For The Fun” by The Bossa Nova Beatniks, Featuring Brother Dave on Guitar and recorded at Tom Gould’s Studio.

“The Lion’s Share”
“My Girl”

Lotto Blues – Written by Rohan Reid

Video by Rohan Reid

Vocal & Instrumental Perfomance by Brother Dave

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